Unspoilt By Progress

originally released in 1991 by RCA

A collection of promo videos and live clips.

  • (UK: 791 134) [VHS]

    1. Sixteen Different Flavours Of Hell
    2. Can U Dig It?
    3. Love Missile F1-11
    4. There Is No Love Between Us Anymore (Live in Paris)
    5. There Is No Love Between Us Anymore
    6. Shortwave Transmission on 'Up To The Minuteman Nine' (The Designers Republic)
    7. Def.Con.One (Incorporating 'The Twilight Zone')
    8. What Does Pop Will Eat Itself Mean To You?
    9. Wise Up! Sucker
    10. Inject Me (live)
    11. Touched By The Hand Of Cicciolina
    12. City Zen Radio 1990/2000 (Live at Guildford Station)
    13. PWEI Is A Four Letter Word
    14. X Y & Zee
    15. 92°F (Live)
    16. 92°F
    17. 88 Seconds... & Still Counting